Buck City Breaker Box

The Buck City Breaker Box
Since day one, we have committed to providing our guests with a better breaking experience along with implementing innovative value-add programs, such as Tough Breaks and Loyalty Honors, to give the collector more bang for their buck... this is the next chapter of offerings from BCB!
What is the Buck City Breaker Box?
This is the launch of our first ever subscription box! For now, the box will be filled sealed hobby packs that the customer "earns" (see below), along a few sleeves, toploaders, Buck City Swag or other collectible knickknacks! 
How do I earn packs for my Buck City Breaker Box?
Currently, there are only two ways to "earn packs":
  1. Gold, Platinum and Buckeye members in our Loyalty Honors program will each receive an allotted number of packs.
  2. For every 10 Tough Breaks entries a customer receives, they will get one (1) pack, in addition to any packs earned through the Loyalty Honors program.

The Vision:

As previously mentioned, this is our foot in the door to our very own subscription box service! Down the road, individuals will have the opportunity to "buy packs" to fill their Buck City Breaker Box.

For the time being, this service is only for those individuals who "earn" spots in our Loyalty Honors and Tough Breaks programs to provide them with an opportunity to rip into their own packs!

The Products:

A percentage of our sales will be used to determined the budget. Once the budget and number of packs to be sent out are determined, we will put together a fun lineup of packs to be randomed and sent out!

The Process:

  •  The program resets on the 1st of each month.
  • Each month, a Breaker Box Pack Selection Show will be performed on YouTube base on the previous month's sales.
  • We will use random.org to assign packs to each qualified Breaker Box spot and send them out to their rightful owners, combining them with a recent mail day if you have one!