2022-23 Bowman University Inception - 8 Box Half Case Break - Random Power Spots (Conferences and Teams)

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Break Style: Random Power Spots

Total Spots: 13 (Power Spots)

    • Metropolitans 92, Notre Dame and "other" (teams that do not fall in the below categories)
    • Iowa
    • Alabama
    • Ohio State
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • USC
    • Kentucky
    • Big Ten (no Iowa or Ohio State)
    • SEC (no Florida, Alabama, Georgia or Kentucky)
    • Pac 12 (no USC)
    • Big 12
    • ACC

What: The customer will receive all cards and/or memorabilia of the team(s) they are assigned to using random.org. Multi-player cards will be randomed unless a participant owns MORE THAN 50% of the card.

When:  If it fills on or before this Friday (May 19th), it breaks this Friday!*

Where: We will be breaking LIVE, this Friday, at 6pm EST!

*anything that does not fill will roll over to the next break night

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